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You can help - Possible closure of Wrenthorpe Post Office

Those of you who’ve been in Wrenthorpe for several years will remember the last time that Wrenthorpe Post Office was threatened with closure eight or nine years ago. At that time pension and benefits books were withdrawn and payments were made directly into bank accounts. Lots of people opened up post office bank accounts to be able to draw money from their pensions and other benefits through the local post office. We were successful in keeping the post office!

Well, it’s happening again: POST OFFICE LTD is currently undergoing a national “modernisation” programme which many postmasters believe is closure of post offices through the back door. Already, some towns and villages up and down the country have lost their dedicated post office counters. Post offices that are not performing enough transactions will lose their dedicated counters.

Wrenthorpe Post Office needs about 20% more transactions to meet the modernisation criteria. Otherwise we’ll lose our post office, and once lost, there’s no chance of getting one back – we’d be queueing up at the main post office on Northgate. Experience from other places shows us that there’s no point trying to mount a “Save our Post Office” campaign: the only way is to increase the number of transactions.

So how could you help to do this? Well, a transaction includes:
- Buying a first class stamp
- Sending a letter abroad
- Drawing cash from your own bank account using the machine on the post office counter (it doesn’t include withdrawals from the ATM machine that’s also in the post office). All the major banks offer this option: Barclays, Halifax, Santander, RBS, Cooperative, HSBC and Lloyds.
- Several of these banks also allow you to deposit cash to your own account through the post office counter machine

I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s worthwhile doing this as soon as possible, not just for your own benefit, but also for all the older people in the village for whom the post office is a lifeline. If you’ve any other suggestions, on how the post office and shop can improve the service and products they provide, please ring the postmaster (San) on 01924 360222.