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How WRENS are helping to secure the Rec

How WRENS are helping to secure the Rec

Letter from Nichola Bell,
Chair of Wrenthorpe Environmental Society
The letter is also displayed on their Website and Facebook page.

Dear Sir/Madam
Traveller encampments in Wrenthorpe and Kirkhamgate
I am writing on behalf of Wrenthorpe Environmental Society (WRENS) regarding recent traveller encampments on Wrenthorpe Recreation Ground, New Row Kirkhamgate and Wrenthorpe Park, in August and October of this year.
Firstly, I would like to say how pleased we were at the clear communication regarding the process of dealing with this issue. In particular, we are grateful for the friendly and helpful service from the Gypsy and Traveller Liaison Officer. His regular updates were able to reassure our 400 members that the council and police were taking prompt action to remove the encampments from these unsuitable locations.
Secondly, we were also delighted with the speed with which the Street Scene department took action to clear the sites, especially with regard to the Recreation Ground, once the travellers had left. We would like to pass on our thanks to the teams who dealt with each of these incidents.
We were also grateful for the efforts of councillors, especially those of Martyn Johnson, in monitoring the eviction process and keeping us informed.
WRENS members and committee are very concerned about informal traveller encampments on public land in Wrenthorpe. Our main concerns are:
1. Environmental damage caused by these groups using land which is not intended for human habitation. Risks include pollution of soil and watercourses, damage to plants and trees, and disturbance of animal habitats.
2. Prevention of access for other residents to public areas which enhance the environment of Wrenthorpe. For example on Wrenthorpe recreation ground, children were unable to use the playground equipment and football field and dog walkers were unable to exercise their dogs.
3. That alternative, suitable and safe provision for travellers in the Wakefield area is sufficient, in order to justify prevention of further encampments in Wrenthorpe.
WRENS committee see our role as threefold:
1. Reporting any issues to our members and keeping them informed of progress, by liaising with councillors and council teams.
2. Monitoring clean-up following encampments and reporting any environmental problems observed by our members.
3. Pressing for council protection of public areas, in order to prevent future encampments.
In relation to the final point, WRENS are very concerned that travellers will continue to return to these sites in Wrenthorpe, causing further environmental harm and prevention of public access, until measures are in place to restrict vehicle access to the sites. Therefore we would be grateful for a response concerning your position on protection measures for the Wrenthorpe Recreation Ground and Wrenthorpe Park in particular. In simple terms, what is your intention regarding protecting these areas?
Lastly, WRENS would like to offer whatever practical support our committee and members can provide, in order to protect our environment. If there is some way we can support the council in this matter, please let us know.
Yours faithfully

Nichola Bell
Chair of Wrenthorpe Environmental Society

c.c. Councillor Peter Box
Andrea Jenkyns MP
Councillor David Dews
Councillor Martyn Johnson
WRENS Committee
Wrenthorpe Community Association