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See how Assist volunteers help local people with food deliveries!

See how Assist volunteers help local people with food deliveries!

The aim of Wrenthorpe and Kirkhamgate Assist is to provide food and support to residents in Wrenthorpe and surrounding areas, during this time of crisis. Councillor Nic Stansby, our co-ordinator, writes:

By the end of last week, we had logged 400 calls for service, including pharmacy collection, shopping, food bank deliveries and telephone support. Over the last two days, we have seen an acceleration of that and we’ve had 40 calls, mostly food bank requests as St Catherine’s and St George’s are now closed to walk in access. We send Julie Baker at Nova, a weekly report and
We have had several donations, either to our bank account, or through the PayPal “Donate” button on the WCA website home page. This includes a grant of £500 from one of NOVA’s contacts.

Thanks also to a kind donation from Guy Fonquernie, of £500 of meat, cheese and ready meals, we have been able to send food parcels to very vulnerable people. We had a referral from Wakefield Council regarding a gentleman with three children, who is in a great deal of pain from cancer and is sleeping constantly due to chemotherapy. His oven had broken and he didn’t have a microwave, so we purchased a microwave and sent from easy to make meals. The microwave was installed by Andy Cooper as the gentleman was too weak to lift it and Andy wore full PPE so he didn’t expose him to infection. Andy’s a plumber, and also fixed the gentleman’s water heater which had been broken for a while! Thanks, Andy!

Another family relies on their parents for help but they are ill and the child needed new clothing, so we bought some essentials and sourced food from the Hall.

We also delivered food and ready meals to a gentleman who lost his partner a few months ago, can’t cook himself and is so depressed that he cried on the phone. When the volunteer delivered the food, we asked him to check on him and he reported that the gentleman looked around 7.5st but is over 6’ tall. As well as food, we also gave him some puzzle books as he struggles to watch tv, says it’s too depressing and we have assigned him a telephone buddy who is a trained counsellor.

Another lady had spent all her money on electricity as her timer had stopped working so she had to use the electric emersion heater. We delivered food and also sent a plumber to repair the timer, which he did free of charge.

One of our first food parcels was sent to a disabled gentleman who had spent his benefits on taxis, trying to find shops which had food on the shelves. By the time the supermarkets had restocked, he had run out of money.

There are also many families where the main earner is self employed, their funding doesn’t arrive until the end of May.

We are fortunate to have volunteers with proper certificates to prepare and serve food, so we’re going to provide ready meals to some of the most vulnerable as Adult Social Services is understandably stretched at this time.

We are very thankful for all the support from local people, as are the families that we are supporting, you are absolute life savers. It is expected that the Food bank will be needed for 12 weeks, which would take us to 14th June.